Monday, August 15, 2011

302. Creative

302. Creative
(adj) having good imagination or original ideas
Location Placed: Sewee Visitors Center, Awendaw, South Carolina
Date Placed: 8/5/11 at 12:39pm

What a hidden gem! I just figured I would stop to use the restrooms, pick up whatever information they had, and head out in 15 minutes. But it was a bit more than that. The Sewee Visitor's Center actually had exhibits, trails (which were a bit too hot for me to walk), and even a wolf! I real live one! One of the guys wandering around turned out to be the... I'm not even sure what term he used, but he cared for the wolf. This guy directed me to where to go to find that lovely guy. I was pleasantly surprised to find when I left that I spent the better part of an hour wandering around the place.

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  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG what an awesome idea!! I didn't want to be A "crank blog". Have you geocached?