What To Do If You Found A Crane

So you found a crane, but what do you do?

Obviously you were curious enough to come to the website, which is a good start. My hope is that finding a crane made you feel or think something. I'd love to hear about it. You can email me at 1000CraneMission@gmail.com. All comments/feedback/feelings/opinions are welcome. Photos of the crane you found are always appreciated. But if you're a bit shy, I understand.

However, it would be awesome if you would take the crane you found and place it somewhere else, for another person to find. Since I can only get to so many places, finders placing their cranes elsewhere would increase the amount of people who could potentially enjoy the cranes. The farther you can place it, the better. But remember, if you're "re-releasing" it, try to do so in a dry place. My crane making skills did not include water proofing them. A soggy crane doth not inspire. Or something like that.

My 1000 Crane Mission wouldn't be much without you finders though. So, thanks for having an open mind!