All questions are welcomed!

1.) How did you come up with 1000 different positive words?
Well, I'd be lying if I said it didn't take me a long time. It took about a year to compile all the words, mostly because I didn't devote every waking hour to it. I did it with a combination of polling my friends/family, finding lists of positive words on the internet, and using a thesaurus.

2.) How come not all of these words are completely positive/have a mixed meaning?
It all depends on what you define as "positive." I used my best judgment and hoped that the people who found the cranes would appreciate the words listed on them. I did my best to come up with the words, but I can't control what emotions and experiences people associate with some words. So I decided to put a definition along with each crane that may clear up any confusion or ambiguity in meaning I was going for.

3.) I want to comment, but am not sure what to do?
You can either make a comment on the crane that you found, or a comment on another crane. You don't have to be a member of blogger, or even have a blog make a comment.

4. Do you have a specific number you place a day/an end date/a way of deciding when you place them?
For right now, it's all kind of willy-nilly. I don't make the cranes every day, currently. I also don't place one each day. During the week, I'd end up placing cranes at work, and then placing them in my home (which isn't in the spirit of the project.) So I place them when I come across somewhere I think should have one. I keep several cranes in my purse in case the mood strikes. And there is no end date in sight.

5. Do you ever revisit a drop site to see if your crane has been taken?
Yes, and no. While I don't go out of my way to see if it has been picked up, a number of times I have passed the same area post-drop. (Mostly this is due to my not so stellar sense of direction in touristy locations. Retracing steps is key to getting unlost.) But in locations I am familiar with, I usually don't go back and check.

6. What size paper do you use?
I use 6x6 only because my 12x12 sheet pad cut very nicely into four potential cranes. I've not used any bigger or smaller, although I know both are possible. I may branch out in the future, once I've run out of paper.

7. How can I help?
You are always welcome to start your own crane project! I always look forward to hearing about other people interested in doing a project of their own. Or if you're looking to do something a bit smaller scale, you can always fold your own crane and leave it for someone to find.

8. Can you send me some of your cranes to place where I live?
My apologies, but I am trying to place all 1000 of my cranes myself. Not to mention the cost of shipping the cranes would end up being quite costly. However, you can make your own cranes and place them where you live to help spread the message!