Sunday, April 3, 2016

736. Lucrative

736. Lucrative
Definition: (adj) producing a great deal of profit
Location Placed: Bank of America, Freehold, New Jersey
Date Placed: 12/29/15 at 12:19pm


 2015 was a very solid year for crane placing. I was able to place more than I had been able to do in the previous couple years. I am hoping that I will be able to match at least that for 2016, although I'm off to a slow start currently. Hope everyone had an awesome 2015 (albeit a bit late in the belated well wishes!) and is enjoying a happy and healthy 2016.

735. Acknowledge

735. Acknowledge
Definition: (v) recognize the fact or importance of
Location Placed: Barnes & Noble, Peoria, Arizona
Date Placed: 12/23/15 at 4:47pm

While I headed into the Barnes & Noble, I saw a charity sitting outside of the store collecting donations. When it includes the most adorable dogs, I am extremely happy to support it! Many times during the holiday season, charities often are looking for money to assist those less fortunate. It's always important to help in whatever ways you can, even if you can't spare the money. There are always ways to support via donations of things you don't use, or your time.

734. Plentitude

734. Plentitude
Definition: (n) an abundance
Location Placed: Talking Stick Casino Cultural Center, Scottsdale, Arizona
Date Placed: 12/20/15 at 1:13pm
Status: FOUND!

I decided to take a little poke around to see what Talking Stick had to offer. Down a hallway and around a corner, we found the Cultural Center, which had a number of lovely art pieces there. It was just a little alcove before heading into the hotel portion of the resort but it definitely had some interesting pieces to look at while we waited for the other members of our party to finish up. Definitely worth a look around if you happen to be visiting! 

Making eyes like a crane shaped dog treat!

This crane was found by Sian!

733. Noticeable

733. Noticeable
Definition: (adj) noteworthy
Location Placed: Talking Stick Casino, Scottsdale, Arizona
Date Placed: 12/20/15 at 1:03pm

After hitting up the Butterfly Wonderland, we decided to stop in to the Talking Stick Casino to see what they had going on. After having gone to Las Vegas just a few months prior, it was quite a shocking comparison. However, it looked like it was well attended by a number of steadfast locals who were enjoying their time indoors. The property looked pretty nice and it had a lovely convention center attached.

732. Harmonious

732. Harmonious
Definition: (adj) forming a pleasing or consistent whole
Location Placed: Butterfly Wonderland, Scottsdale, Arizona
Date Placed: 12/20/15 at 12:45pm

We decided to take a trip to the Butterfly Wonderland as a fun thing to do that we hadn't done before. I think I was the only one who absolutely adored the butterflies. I took so many pictures and even had one land on me, which I hear is good luck. There were a couple other exhibit areas, but it was not a large place. They also have an attached attraction that is a mirror maze and then a laser maze. Both were fun but the mirror maze was very disorienting to me having never been in one before. I am looking forward to my next trip back to Arizona as there was an aquarium being built right next door that I definitely will want to visit!

731. Sparkle

731. Sparkle
Definition: (v) be vivacious and witty
Location Placed: Blue Bell Inn, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 12/17/15 at 2:59 pm

My company had a Holiday party at the Blue Bell Inn and how wonderful it was! I had never been to Blue Bell but it was such a lovely area. Even though the weather was cold and rainy, it was still a lovely party. I was able to spend  a lot of quality time with some folks I don't often get to interact with, which was very nice. The food was delicious, and I probably could've eaten quite a number of portions of my dessert!