Sunday, September 22, 2019

947. Well-Being

947. Well-Being
Definition: being comfortable, healthy, or happy
Location Placed: Thompson-Neely House and Mill, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 8/30/19 at 2:59pm



The Thompson-Neely House and Mill was a historic homestead that had produced a lot of the flour and cornmeal in the area for a time. The mill is currently functional, but only runs when they have enough volunteers to safely staff it. It was extremely interesting to see the inner workings of the mill and how it functioned. Definitely worth a tour if you're in the area and enjoy touring historic homes and sites!

946. Increased

946. Increased
Definition: (v) make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree
Location Placed: Locktender's House and Gate 11, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 8/30/19 at 2:19pm



The Locktender's House and Lock 11 were super interesting! I had no idea there were locks to ship goods up from the Philadelphia area up to the Easton area, passing through New Hope. I figured ships would've just used the Delaware River, but that was not the case. There is also a much greater change in elevation than I would've thought, necessitating the lock system. Currently it is a nice little bike path extending for a good number of miles. If I lived closer, I could see it being a place I regularly visited as it was calm and very picturesque!

945. Principled

945. Principled
Definition: (adj) acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong
Location Placed: Marsha Brown's Restaurant, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 8/30/19 at 2:00pm



I wanted to get something a little different for lunch, so I popped into Marsha Brown's for a bit of southern, creole inspired, fare. It did not disappoint! The shrimp po'boy portion was enormous and the atmosphere in the old church was definitely interesting! It's right on the main drag in town, so you can't miss it!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

944. Enabled

944. Enabled
Definition: (adj) adapted for use with the specified application or system
Location Placed: New Hope Railroad, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 8/30/19 at 11:51am



The thing I was looking forward to most when visiting New Hope was a ride on the railway.The railway is part history tour, part open rail journey from one town to another. The scenery along the trip was really serene and it was interesting learning about the local history. They have a really neat Christmas tour that I think I'll pop back for one of these winters. It would be particularly lovely of a trip with one of the indoor cars while it's snowing.

943. Judicious

943. Judicious
Definition: (adj) having, showing, or done with good judgment or sense
Location Placed: New Hope Ferry Market, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 8/30/19 at 10:53am



The key to start off the day on the right foot is a good breakfast! I popped over to the Ferry Market where I snagged a mint iced tea, which was perfect as it was a hot one out. Then stopped a little ways down the road to pick up a pastry at the french bakery prior to taking a walk down the nice shady waterway path. A full belly makes for a happy day!

942. Chosen

942. Chosen
Definition: (adj) having been selected as the best or most appropriate
Location Placed: New Hope Visitors Center, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 8/30/19 at 10:21am



I decided to make the holiday weekend a little longer, and took a trip over to New Hope! I had never been there before, but had heard lots of wonderful things about it. That is why I had chosen New Hope over other places. The best way to start a visit to a new location is to check out the welcome center if there is one. I actually found some useful brochures on nearby places to visit, including one I opted to pop over to later! Definitely a worthwhile stop for the day.