Monday, August 27, 2012

479. Approachable

479. Approachable
Definition: (adj) friendly and easy to talk to
Location Placed: Chelsea Market, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 8/26/12 at 9:38am

Our morning activity was to have a wonderful brunch at the High Line Park. We chopped up a wonderful fruit salad the night before and popped over to Chelsea Market to pick up a couple of croissants before we sat down for our brunch. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, cool but the sun was poking out. Not to mention the park was quite wonderful.

For those who don't know, High Line Park is a park that was made from the old abandoned train track three stories above ground. It spans south from 30th St. south for about 1.75 miles. There are a bunch of little seating areas along it as well as art installments. The best thing about it is the wonderful plants and trees that are planted along it. Definitely things I wouldn't think would be found in the city. I'd certainly recommend it (and Chelsea Market) on a late summer or early fall morning!

478. Finesse

478. Finesse 
Definition: (v) do in a subtle and delicate manner
Location Placed: The Cloisters Museum, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 8/25/12 at 2:45pm
Status: FOUND!

I headed up to the city for a lovely weekend trip to visit a friend. Neither of us had been to The Cloisters, which is a museum that is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's a pretty cool looking old building filled with a bunch of religious art. While I'm not very religious, I definitely appreciated the architecture and views quite a bit.

Not to mention I got an email the following day saying that this crane was found! "I found crane 478 yesterday at the Cloisters Museum & Garden. I picked it up then went to your website. I'm moving to the UK in about a week, would you like me to place the crane there?" So it looks like Finesse is going to be taking a trip across the pond and taking flight to the U.K. Hopefully it, and the finder, have a good trip!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

477. Delicate

477. Delicate
Definition: (adj) fine in texture, quality, or construction; dainty
Location Placed: Connecticut Rest Stop, Fairfield, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/4/12 at 3:45pm

Although it was a little closer to home than previous trips, it was a lot of fun and jam packed with tons of different activities. I like saying I was able to see everything I wanted to see in a place or city so that this way I can set my sights on a new location for the next time. In the words of the great Tom Petty, "After all it was a great big world, with lots of places to run to." And that is just what I plan to do.

476. Flattery

476. Flattery
Definition: (n) the act of trying to please with complimentary remarks or attention
Location Placed: Beinecke Rare Books Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/4/12 at 2:35pm

The Beinecke Library just looks like a square-shaped interesting piece of architecture from the outside. It's made of a specific type of marble that looks quite ordinary from the outside, but from the inside it is amazing! As you can see from the picture, light is filtered through some of the bits of the marble, giving it a warm glow on the inside. This helps to give the building a little bit of light and to not ruin the rare texts and manuscripts in the several story library. I have never seen anything like this and was just in awe during that whole portion of the tour. I think the tour is worth it just to see this alone in my opinion.

475. Noble

475. Noble
Definition: (adj) having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles or ideals
Location Placed: Yale University Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/4/12 at 2:20pm

So on the tour, we came to the University's largest library. It actually looks like a church. Apparently the architect really wanted to build a church and approached the school to see if they would agree. But since Yale is non-denominational, they said they didn't need a church and were pretty good with everything they had. So the architect decided he still really wanted to build a church structure but perhaps they could make it into a library, so that's what they did! The library apparently goes under ground and the steeple has something like 9 stories of books in it. It is quite pretty and a bit disorienting!

474. Interesting

474. Interesting
Definition: (adj) amusing or entertaining
Location Placed: Yale University Visitor's Center, New Haven, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/4/12 at 1:06pm

So while we were in New Haven, I wanted to pop over to see Yale since it is one of the Ivy League schools that I've not yet seen. I really enjoy seeing campuses that are very old and how things have evolved over the years. They were providing a tour to visitors, not to be confused with a potential student tour, so we decided to jump on. It was definitely geared more tours potential students, but I enjoyed the historical aspects and stories that were interjected by the guide.

Friday, August 10, 2012

473. Luminous

473. Luminous
Definition: (adj) bright or shining, especially in the dark
Location Placed: New Haven Historical Museum, New Haven, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/4/12 at 12:23pm
Status: Found!

We decided to head over to the New Haven Historical Museum in between the tour we took at the Center Church under the church graveyard, which was pretty interesting, and the tour at Yale University. I really liked all the artwork that they displayed as well as all the interesting relics of the past. I think my favorite thing was the bicycle with a super tiny wheel in the front (for steering) and a huge wheel in the back (we're talking nearly 5 feet from top to bottom!) I'm always intrigued by old signs that depict just how much less expensive things were in the past (it's all relative, I know.)

I'm glad someone else was out enjoying the museum as well! D. found this crane and in his email to me, he said he and his family would be replacing the crane in a Hamden library. So any local folks should be on the lookout for Luminous!

472. Precision

472. Precision
Definition: (n) accuracy, exactness
Location Placed: Schaffer Building, Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/3/12 at 2:52pm

So we came across one of the indoor (and air-conditioned!) exhibits that showed some art work as well as model ships. I'm impressed by the detail that goes into such tiny replicas! Teeny tiny masts and replica ropes are just as fragile as can be. Of course they then set those next to larger than life busts of famous people, whose names I have since forgotten (I am terrible!). I definitely enjoyed looking at the maritime art and all the little bits and bobs they had in that museum building.

471. Triumph

471. Triumph
Definition: (n) a great victory or achievement
Location Placed: Mystic Seaport Schoolhouse, Mystic, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/3/12 at 2:19pm

I loved walking throughout this historic town to see all the old buildings: the pharmacy, the saloon, the rope making shop, and even the schoolhouse. It was really interesting to see all the old bits and pieces and how life was lived. I thought it was cool that their schoolhouses were just one room since they served such a small population. Of course there's no way that would be adequate now, but I definitely appreciated how things were done back then.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

470. Homely

470. Homely
Definition: (adj) simple but cosy and comfortable
Location Placed: Mystic Seaport Visitor's Center, Mystic, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/3/12 at 2:11pm

My Grandpa had mentioned how much he loved the Mystic Seaport whenever he is up in the area so we decided to check it out. It's a (quite large, in my opinion) historic town that depicted what life was like in the past. Lots of interesting exhibits and people dressed in the clothing of yesteryear. There are several small places around by me that are similar but this one definitely took the cake. It also made for lots of great photos as it was right along the water!

469. Mercy

469. Mercy
Definition: (n) compassion or forgiveness shown to someone
Location Placed: Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/3/12 at 1:01pm

There is something about glass things that I love. And I'm not talking about glassware. I'm talking about balls of glass that either have something in them (like this jellyfish) or blown glass that just has colors in it. My Grandma used to have this blown glass ball that she made with blue, pink, and yellow streaks in it that I just loved. Every time I think about it, it reminds me of going over to her house and eating donuts. Or watching the birds in the bird feeder outside. Or listening to the wind chime my grandparents hung. Definitely lots of good memories.

468. Persevere

468. Persevere
Definition: (v) to persist even in the face of difficulty
Location Placed: Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/3/12 at 10:41am

We started out with a nice leisurely morning before we made the hour drive to Mystic, Connecticut. I certainly enjoyed Newport, even though it was a bit more touristy than I prefer. We had some great food, had an interesting ghost tour, saw a bunch of mansions, toured an old military fort, and walked around a bit by the harbor. All and all, a pretty awesome leg of our journey. The only thing I wish we had done was walk the Cliff walk, but the weather just would not cooperate between the heat and the fog!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

467. Reputable

467. Reputable
Definition: (adj) honorable, venerable
Location Placed: Kingscote Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/2/12 at 2:47pm

This house was definitely different than the others. It wasn't on the same mansion scale, although quite large and grand on its own. I appreciated the older touches and unique charm. It had summer bedrooms and winter bedrooms. Additionally it had quite charming (and original!) furniture as 3 generations of widows lived in the mansion. There also appeared to be lots of wonderful art work and family photos that were sprinkled throughout the place. It certainly didn't hurt that we had a few fellow tourers that were exclaiming each and every detail to be "astounding" or "amazing" or "impressive." Always nice to see people equally as excited for these tours!

466. Thorough

466. Thorough
Definition: (adj) complete, perfect, entire
Location Placed: Rosecliff Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/2/12 at 2:00pm

Mostly it was the women of Newport that ran these summer houses. They would spend between 8 and 10 weeks there each summer. Activities were planned for guests (archery, croquet, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, etc.) and each house was run like a business. Parties were planned with such great thought as it was seen to be classless to seat the same people next to one another at subsequent parties. Gosh! Imagine the planning that must have gone into living in Newport and being high society. As pretty as the houses are, I'm not sure if I could keep up!

465. Competent

465. Competent
Definition: (adj) efficient and capable
Location Placed: Marble House Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/2/12 at 1:21pm

The third house on our mansion tour was certainly up to snuff with the others. Listening to the stories on the audio tour of people that had been in these mansions, had grown up around these mansions, had been to lavish parties in these mansions had tons of interesting tidbits. Stories of children (and occasional adults) riding down grand staircases on serving trays. Tales of children sneaking food and running through halls late at night. Accounts of costumes at themed parties. I can't even imagine spending time in places like these, let alone spending whole summers in them!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

464. Talented

464. Talented
Definition: (adj) having an aptitude or gift for something
Location Placed: The Elms Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/2/12 at 12:15pm

Having seen 5 mansions in one day, I definitely had a bit of trouble keeping them all straight. I can't remember which one had gold leaf on their walls and which decided to have platinum on them. I know they were all wonderful and elaborate, but I can't remember which family inhabited them back in their heydays.  I don't even remember hearing one fact that someone else heard about their lives in the mansions (must have 6 parties of 60 or more people and 2 balls of a few hundred or more people.) But I do remember feeling that all these places were so grand. That it would've been quite the experience to go to one of these houses back then. Quite the experience indeed!

463. Adorn

463. Adorn
Definition: (v) to make beautiful or more attractive
Location Placed: The Breakers Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/2/12 at 11:01am

We decided that the major draw of the day would be seeing the mansions of Newport. You can't go to Newport without at least driving by, not to mention there are signs all over the place for them. Aside from a bit of repetition (the women of the time could change outfits up to 7 times in one day!), the houses themselves were quite resplendent. Adorned with all sorts of things to make them beautiful and unique, the mansions were definitely a sight to see!

Monday, August 6, 2012

462. Punchy

462. Punchy
Definition: (adj) having an immediate impact; forceful
Location Placed: Fort Adams, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/1/12 at 2:39pm

This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. I'm also super impressed by how forts are built and the precautions that were taken in terms of fortifying themselves against enemy forces. The tour guide also took us on a little roundabout tour of the internal caverns that soldiers were posted in to hear if enemy troops were trying to dig their way into the fort. Quite the tight fit in those tunnels, I'll certainly say that. The fort is one of the largest, fitting several other more well known forces within it. Plus it was quite picturesque surrounded by all those sailboats!

461. Cavalier

461. Cavalier
Definition: (n) a courtly gentleman
Location Placed: Culinary Museum at Johnson & Wales, Providence, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/1/12 at 11:33am

On our way out of town, we decided to go to the Culinary Arts Museum on the Johnson and Wales campus. They had all sorts of interesting cooking bits and pieces, appliances I've never seen before, and as much neon signage as one venue could hold. Given my New Jersey roots, I particularly enjoyed the diner exhibits and information!

460. Empowered

460. Empowered
Definition: (v) give someone the power to do something
Location Placed: Providence Train Station, Providence, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 7/31/12 at 4:01pm

Probably the most scenic train station as it was placed right next to the Rhode Island Capitol building. Certainly can't beat that sort of view. Having most recently been in Penn Station in New York City, the Providence train station with its handful of tracks and one main room was downright quaint. I think I need to start using the train more.

459. Revive

Definition: (v) restored to life or consciousness
Location Placed: John Brown House Museum, Providence, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 7/31/12 at 2:30pm

I decided to pop over to the John Brown House Museum for a tour of the house as well as some history about the Providence area. It certainly did not disappoint! I loved looking at the old carriage from way back then as well as the tour of the beautiful house. I find it really interesting to stand in a place where people stood hundreds of years before. Plus it gave me a solid background of history of the area, which I didn't really know all that much of. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you have a AAA card!

458. Bask

458. Bask
Definition: (v) revel in and make the most of
Location Placed: Providence Anthenaeum Library, Providence Rhode Island
Date Placed: 7/31/12 at 12:54pm

Now most of the libraries I've been to have been relatively new. This is definitely the oldest lending library I've been to, being that it's the 4th oldest subscription library in the United States established in 1753. The building was built in 1838, so it's a pretty old institution to say that least. I loved how pretty it was on the outside and how many books were held on the inside. Definitely worth a poke in if you happen to have the time.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

457. Effulgence

457. Effulgence 
Definition: (n) radiance; the quality of bring bright and sending out rays of light
Location Placed: Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 7/31/12 at 12:50pm

I popped into the RISD Museum to see what it had to offer. Sadly I had another museum set up for a little later and wasn't able to make it back to the Museum in time before it closed. I hear it is definitely worth seeing if you have a bit of time (which I sadly didn't) and enjoy solid art. From what I could see in the vestibule, the art was definitely interesting.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


456. Extol
Definition: (v) praise enthusiastically
Location Placed: Roger Williams National Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 7/31/12 at 12:12pm

I learned a bit about Roger Williams and his contribution to Rhode Island (namely his discovery of it.) I really appreciated the visitor's center as I was able to see how Providence was laid out back when it was first found and which families had which plots of land. Everyone had a water view it seemed, which was pretty solid in the days of farming. There's also a pretty awesome statue of him over looking the city from a higher vantage point (in a different park a little further up the hill.)

455. Stylish

455. Stylish
Definition: (adj) fashionably elegant
Location Placed: Rhode Island Capitol Building, Providence, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 7/31/12 at 10:58am

I learned quite a bit about Rhode Island on the tour I took of the capitol building. I can't say I knew very much about it before, but now I definitely know more than when I started! Rhode Island, it is believed, was named by Giovanni da Verrazzano as he said it resembled Rhodes in Greece as he was (believed) to be passing what is now named Block Island. Additionally Rhode Island's proper name is Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations, the longest state name in the United States.