Tuesday, August 7, 2012

464. Talented

464. Talented
Definition: (adj) having an aptitude or gift for something
Location Placed: The Elms Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island
Date Placed: 8/2/12 at 12:15pm

Having seen 5 mansions in one day, I definitely had a bit of trouble keeping them all straight. I can't remember which one had gold leaf on their walls and which decided to have platinum on them. I know they were all wonderful and elaborate, but I can't remember which family inhabited them back in their heydays.  I don't even remember hearing one fact that someone else heard about their lives in the mansions (must have 6 parties of 60 or more people and 2 balls of a few hundred or more people.) But I do remember feeling that all these places were so grand. That it would've been quite the experience to go to one of these houses back then. Quite the experience indeed!

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