Friday, August 10, 2012

473. Luminous

473. Luminous
Definition: (adj) bright or shining, especially in the dark
Location Placed: New Haven Historical Museum, New Haven, Connecticut
Date Placed: 8/4/12 at 12:23pm
Status: Found!

We decided to head over to the New Haven Historical Museum in between the tour we took at the Center Church under the church graveyard, which was pretty interesting, and the tour at Yale University. I really liked all the artwork that they displayed as well as all the interesting relics of the past. I think my favorite thing was the bicycle with a super tiny wheel in the front (for steering) and a huge wheel in the back (we're talking nearly 5 feet from top to bottom!) I'm always intrigued by old signs that depict just how much less expensive things were in the past (it's all relative, I know.)

I'm glad someone else was out enjoying the museum as well! D. found this crane and in his email to me, he said he and his family would be replacing the crane in a Hamden library. So any local folks should be on the lookout for Luminous!

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