Tuesday, March 8, 2011

178. Upbeat

178. Upbeat
(adj) cheerful, pleasantly optimistic
Location Placed: Oceanport Library, Oceanport, New Jersey
Date Placed: 3/8/11 11:35am

Who doesn't love a week of vacation from work!? Well, when that week consists of moving, unpacking and working on a thesis paper, the number of people loving a vacation week might drop a bit. I'm certainly enjoying it though. It's nice to be able to get settled and start putting a dent in my research for my paper. I'm trying to utilize every second of this "vacation". So this crane was left at the library where I did a bit of my research reading. And it also kicks off the beginning of some more crane placements in my new area! Be on the look out for some new updates to the website (in time!) and a lot more crane placements.

I've also got my next big trip planned for the beginning of June to Disney World! So lots of exciting things on the horizon. Stay tuned!