Sunday, February 11, 2018

873. Encouraging

873. Encouraging
Definition: (adj) giving someone support or confidence
Location Placed: Hampton Historic Site, Towson, Maryland
Date Placed: 2/9/18 at 9:23am



Surprisingly, the family that lived in this home supported slavery prior to the Civil War. They owned upwards of 300 individuals at their highest point. There were several cabins where families had lived and they showed what life and work was like on the farm. It was a hard life, but many families were able to stay together. Thankfully the family eventually freed their slaves and employed them for a fair wage although much later than they really should have. It was definitely an interesting historic site.

872. Methodical

872. Methodical
Definition: (adj) done according to an established form of procedure
Location Placed: Hampton Historic Site Visitor's Center, Towson, Maryland
Date Placed: 2/9/18 at 9:15am



On my way home,  I stopped at the Hampton Historic Site to learn a bit about the area, take a tour of the mansion, and learn a bit more about the prominent family who lived on the property. Thankfully it was empty on a cold winter's day as I had a whole tour to myself! The wonderful park service employee told me a lot more about the family, the slaves/indentured servants/paid workers who lived and served here throughout the years, as well as about the house itself. Most impressive was that 95% of the furnishings were actually owned by the family! Many historic homes have antiques that were of the time, but not actually owned by the individuals themselves. It's a really gorgeous home, and I definitely recommend everyone check it out!

871. Self-reliant

871. Self-reliant
Definition: (adj) relying on ones own self and resources instead of those of others
Location Placed: Starbucks, Catonsville, Maryland
Date Placed: 2/8/18 at 7:10pm



As it is impossible for me to pass by a new to me Starbucks for an opportunity to place a crane, I stopped in. One of the most difficult things being in this area was seeing numerous folks who were homeless and/or panhandling in the area. Although I've been in areas with both populations before, it seemed particularly hard in this area. I made sure to get a plain coffee on my way out to give to one of the guys I saw around. It's important to make sure to help others when possible and reasonable. Hopefully it was appreciated.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

870. Wholehearted

870. Wholehearted
Definition: (adj) characterized by complete commitment or sincerity
Location Placed: Woodlawn Public Library, Woodlawn, Maryland
Date Placed: 2/8/18 at 4:18pm



I was staying at a hotel around the corner from a library, so of course I had to check it out! It had a number of sections I hadn't come across in a library, so it was interesting to see how they differed from libraries I was more familiar with. I definitely took a couple titles down to put on my list for reserve when I came back home!

869. Top

869. Top
Definition: (n) the highest or most important rank
Location Placed: Fort McHenry National Historic Site, Baltimore, Maryland
Date Placed: 2/5/18 at 3:06pm



Fort McHenry has a self-guided tour that you can take around all of the buildings. There was a couple other solo travelers, a small family, and a few pairs of people enjoying the national site on the brisk winter afternoon. It was really interesting to learn about the types of individuals who fought in the battle against the British as well as all the different locations they came from. The living conditions at the barracks were cozy, but definitely better than those who were stuck in tents fighting in other battles.

868. Upgrade

868. Upgrade
Definition: (v) raise up to a higher standard
Location Placed: Fort McHenry National Site, Baltimore, Maryland
Date Placed: 2/5/18 at 1:53pm

Crane 868

Crane 868a

While I was on my way to a training, I stopped at Fort McHenry at the suggestion of a friend. I had never been there before. It was a really neat fort! I learned that it was the birthplace of the national anthem of the United States, and got to see the same sites the fellow who penned it did. It was interesting to learn about the battle that was fought there, and see the buildings and their uses. Pretty neat to be given significant context to where the words for the anthem come from. I definitely recommend popping in for a visit if you're in the area. Even on a cold winters day, it was still really cool!