Sunday, February 11, 2018

872. Methodical

872. Methodical
Definition: (adj) done according to an established form of procedure
Location Placed: Hampton Historic Site Visitor's Center, Towson, Maryland
Date Placed: 2/9/18 at 9:15am



On my way home,  I stopped at the Hampton Historic Site to learn a bit about the area, take a tour of the mansion, and learn a bit more about the prominent family who lived on the property. Thankfully it was empty on a cold winter's day as I had a whole tour to myself! The wonderful park service employee told me a lot more about the family, the slaves/indentured servants/paid workers who lived and served here throughout the years, as well as about the house itself. Most impressive was that 95% of the furnishings were actually owned by the family! Many historic homes have antiques that were of the time, but not actually owned by the individuals themselves. It's a really gorgeous home, and I definitely recommend everyone check it out!

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