Friday, December 29, 2017

866. Hip

866. Hip
Definition: (adj) understanding, aware
Location Placed: Wilderness Lodge, Orlando, Florida
Date Placed: 12/7/16 at 10:53pm



One of my favorite things about the holiday themed decorations was the slightly different way each of the resorts were dressed up. We visited several between where we stayed and dining locations. The Wilderness Lodge, one I had never been to before, had wonderful western themed decorations for their Christmas display. The resorts with the huge, towering lobbies had the most magnificent trees. The one in this location had teepees as tree decorations!

865. Exotic

865. Exotic
Definition: (adj) attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary
Location Placed: American Pavilion, Epcot, Orlando, Florida
Date Placed: 12/5/17 at 6:22pm



I was pretty impressed by the sheer number of rides and attractions we were able to do that I don't recall having done before, or at least not as an adult. There are such a wide variety of things to do, and one such thing was the show in the American Pavilion. I was pleasantly impressed by the animatronic bits, and was super glad we were able to check out so many different and wonderful things!

864. Beneficial

864. Beneficial
Definition: (adj) favorable or adventageous
Location Placed: Festive Center, Epcot, Orlando, Florida
Date Placed: 15/5/17 at 5:28pm



Having never been to Disney World for the Christmas season, we decided to take a trip with friends to check it out! It did not disappoint. Disney rarely does. This instance was no exception. Christmas is nothing without the magic and Disney has magic on super supply! Everything was perfectly decorated, festive food was abundant and delicious, and the lights... oh the lights! Spectacular. If you're a Disney fan, I cannot recommend going during the holiday season more!