Thursday, July 31, 2014

612. Amazing

612. Amazing
Definition: (adj) causing great surprise or wonder
Location Placed: Historic Walnford Park, Upper Freehold, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/25/14 at 2:56pm

I decided to check out Historic Walnford Park as I had never visited before. It was a lovely historic farm with a working grist mill that is run on certain weekend days in the summer months. I poked around the mill when it wasn't in motion and it was pretty impressive then. I can only imagine what it looks like when it's in full swing. One of the very kind park rangers opened the house and gave me a bit of an impromptu tour. They also do teas in the spring and fall, so I am going to see if I can wrangle a few friends up into going.

611. Victorious

Definition: (adj) triumphant; having won a victory
Location Placed: Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Manalapan, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/25/14 at 10:54am

What an appropriate word for the Battle at Monmouth, where the American forces were victorious against the British troops. The museums was lovely with a map with lights and sounds explaining what happened at the Monmouth Battlefield. It definitely helped me figure out who did what and where the shots were fired. I would love to go and explore the grounds more during the autumn. I imagine the fields and hills will look lovely in the fall colors.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

610. Real

610. Real
Definition: (adj) genuine, not artificial
Location Placed: Belvedere Castle, Central Park, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/23/14 at 3:30pm

The last thing I wanted to check out while I was in the middle area of the park, but wasn't on my tour, was Belvedere Castle. It has a little information bit and an observation deck, which has a nice view on good weather days. Of course it also has a lot of people visiting it on good weather days too. Thankfully it wasn't too terribly crowded when I went up. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the area.

609. Advantage

609. Advantage
Definition: (v) put in a more favorable position
Location Placed: Le Pain Quotidien, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/23/14 at 2:30pm

After my tour concluded, I headed over to Le Pain Quotidien at the suggestion of my tour guide. It did not disappoint! I knew it was going to be a good lunch when I saw they had speculoos on the table. I had a lovely gazpacho and peanut butter, jam, and bananas tartine with granola chunks. A little more "crunchy" than my usual eatery choices, but I am so glad I managed to make it there. If I'm ever in the area of a Le Pain again (and since they are a chain, it's likely I will be!), I definitely want to try some of the other yummy looking things on their menu!

608. Flashy

608. Flashy
Definition: (adj) attractive or impressive
Location Placed: Hans Christian Anderson Statue, Central Park, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/23/14 at 12:36pm

So on a day off of work, I decided I would make a quick trip up to the city to take a free tour of central park (the middle bit was the tour du jour of the Central Park Conservancy) and lunch. I have been to New York City many times, and to Central Park twice, but never seen the middle part of the park, only the Northern most highlights and bits of the southern part. So I figured this would be a nice little day trip. I was extremely pleased and impressed with the tour guide and she gave me the name of a really yummy place to eat after the tour concluded. I'm trying to figure out when the next time I can take a tour with the Conservancy volunteer tour guides!