Friday, July 14, 2017

838. Impassioned

838. Impassioned
Definition: (adj) filled with or showing great emotion
Location Placed: Starbucks, Marlboro, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/13/14 at 5:58pm



On my way home from work, it just started pouring down quite heavily. I started playing the game, will I or won't I get drenched on my walk to my car. I managed to stay dry getting into my car, but got soaked as I went into Starbucks. It was all worth it as I picked up a chocolate croissant to eat on my way into work the next morning. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

Monday, July 3, 2017

837. Fantabulous

837. Fantabulous
Definition: (adj) excellent, wonderful
Location Placed: The UPS Store, Lincroft, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/3/17 at 2:47pm



After having a lovely holiday weekend, popping back into work before the 4th of July holiday was a bit rough. Thankfully we were given an early dismissal, so I used the time to place a crane. Hope all my Canadian friends had a wonderful Canada Day on Saturday and my American friends have a fantabulous Independence Day tomorrow!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

836. Honey

836. Honey
Definition: (n) darling, sweetheart
Location Placed: The 9/11 Museum and Memorial, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 6:48pm



I cannot recommend this museum/memorial enough to anyone. It was an extremely emotional and wonderfully done memorial. I could have easily spent way more time here than I did, and will definitely be going back again to see all the things I didn't leave myself enough time to see this visit. Never Forget.

835. Giving

835. Giving
Definition: (v) permit, grant, allow
Location Placed: Trinity Church, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 5:42pm



The first Trinity Church was constructed on this plot in 1698, only to be destroyed a little more than a century later in the Great New York Fire of 1776. The second Trinity Church was finished in 1790 in the same location. This church is important as our first president, George Washington, and his governmental colleagues used to go there in order to worship when New York City was still considered the capital of the United States. It also takes up a large plot of land and includes a cemetery, much like St. Paul's Chapel down the road.

834. Influential

834. Influential
Definition: (adj) powerful, strong, persuasive
Location Placed: Starbucks on Dey, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 5:32pm



I've been working on planning out some other crane placing adventures around New York City to take advantage of some of the places nearby that I've never seen. There's a number of museums, shops, and other attractions to keep me busy doing some fun things over the course of this summer. So expect some fun things to pop up here this summer!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

833. Rare

833. Rare
Definition: (adj) unusually good or remarkable
Location Placed: Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, Fulton Center, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 5:27pm



I stopped in the Fulton Center as I figured there would be a place to put a crane out, and I was correct! The Irving Farm Coffee Roasters little store front was just the place. If I hadn't already just had an iced tea, I would've certainly purchased one there. Fulton Center looked like it had a lot going on, but I was on a set schedule and couldn't do more exploring or I would miss my time slot at my last stop of the day!

832. Sagacious

832. Sagacious
Definition: (adj) having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; shrewd
Location Placed: St. Paul's Chapel, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 5:22pm



Another historic religious building for me! Built in 1766, St. Paul's Chapel is the oldest surviving church building in Manhattan. It was one of a few structures in the area that didn't burn down during a massive fire in 1776 when a quarter of the city at the time burned to the ground. The church even has a cemetery that surrounds it as it sits on a full city block. It is a part of the National Historic Landmarks, so hopefully it's around for hundreds of more years to come!

831. Sunshine

831. Sunshine
Definition: (n) cheerfulness, happiness
Location Placed: The 9/11 Memorial at St. Paul's Chapel, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 5:19pm



St. Paul's Chapel is a stones throw away from where the Twin Towers used to stand. There is a very lovely memorial room in the chapel. My favorite thing about the display was the numerous hanging displays of paper cranes. Lots of people sent in 1000 paper cranes to send well wishes, support, and hope from wherever they came from. It was extremely touching.

830. Available

830. Available
Definition: (adj) free to do something
Location Placed: Starbucks at Broadway and Barclay, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 5:08pm



As the last day before summer officially starts, I will be the first to say I am ready. I am very ready to enjoy BBQs, reading outside, outdoor activities, and taking adventures where I can. This last year has held a lot of change, and I am ready to have a relaxing summer!

829. Utmost

829. Utmost
Definition: (adj) the most extreme, greatest
Location Placed: St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 6/20/17 at 5:03pm



I love stopping into churches because they are often not only really pretty architecturally, but also have a lot of history. This church is the oldest Roman Catholic church in New York. This building was built in the 1830's. Additionally, the American Old West gunfighter Billy the Kid was christened here as a youngster!