Wednesday, November 12, 2014

626. Revitalized

626. Revitalized
Definition: (v) re-energize, boost, revive
Location Placed: Starbucks, Newtown, Pennsylvania
Date Placed: 10/25/14 at 5:36pm

We had made a trek out to Pennsylvania to go to one of our favorite haunted spots for some Halloween scaring. In a local field, they have a haunted hayride, haunted maize maze, and a haunted house. It's the same sorts of attractions every year but it's a lot of fun. After doing all those fun activities, we roast marshmallows at one of the several bonfires and enjoy a good s'more or two. This year I was adventurous and used the cookies'n'cream chocolate and chocolate graham crackers with my marshmallow. You only live once, right?

Friday, October 10, 2014

625. Bravo

625. Bravo
Definition: (excl) used to express approval of something a person has done well
Location Placed: Starbucks, Roosevelt Island, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 9/30/14 at 4:27pm

I met an out of town friend for dinner and a bit of an adventure in New York City. We decided to check out Roosevelt Island as we had never been. A word to the wise, do not visit on Tuesday when most of the tourist-y type things don't happen to be open. Despite that it ended up being a good trip. We walked the length of the island, saw the abandoned small pox hospital, the lighthouse at the northern tip, and even took the tram back over to Manhattan. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the area. Provided that day isn't a Tuesday.

Friday, October 3, 2014

624. Racy

624. Racy
Definition: (adj) showing vigor or spirit
Location Placed: Impressive Designs, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
Date Placed: 9/19/14 at 7:05pm

While I was down there, I picked up one of those deals on a Wine and Painting class from Impressive Designs. Myself and my guest, who are not artists by any stretch of the imagination, completed a very lovely sunset scene with water and palm trees. I definitely would go back there again and bought my host a deal as a thank you gift. If you happen to be in the area and interested in doing a painting class, I would highly recommend it. The shop was also neat with a bunch of pieces of art that we were able to look at prior to starting. They also provide a glass of local wine and a bit of wine tasting before hand. I will say that I do not like the majority of wines, but found an awesome white non-grape sangria that I quite enjoyed! I look forward to getting back there and taking another painting class again. It was a lot of fun!

623. Emulate

623. Emulate
Definition: (v) to natch or surpass (a person or achievement)
Location Placed: 9/19/14 at 2:14pm
Date Placed: Cobb Countryside Theater 12, Clearwater, Florida

I popped down to Florida to take a short visit to see some relatives. One of the rainy days, we decided to head up to the nice movie theater in the mall. It definitely had solid seats. It's not as good as the new movie theater seats at home, but I really am a fan of the stadium seating that the theater offered. A little bit blurry in the placement picture since I was afraid I was going to be made with all the people around! But all together a solid placement and a good time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

622. Charitable

622. Charitable
Definition: (adj) of or relating to the assistance of those in need
Location Placed: Rook Coffee, Little Silver, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/12/14 at 11:40am

After a morning visit to the doctors, I decided to see what Rook was all about. Their logo, a black raven-esque bird with a white circle around it and a larger black circle behind it, is pretty prevalent in the area on shirts and bumper stickers. I'm all about creative advertising that leads a person in. The Rook in the Little Silver Train Station is quite lovely. I wish it had been there when I used that train station regularly when living up that way. I had the Berry Tea, which was quite good. I definitely foresee myself going back to one again. Perhaps I'll check out one of the several other locations as they are definitely a good spot for crane releases!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

621. Luxurious

621. Luxurious
Definition: (adj) extremely comfortable, enjoyable, or elegant
Location Placed: Kittatinny Campground, Barryville, New York
Date Placed: 8/31/14 at 10:24am
Status: FOUND! 


We spent our long Labor Day Weekend camping up at Kittatinny Campgrounds in New York. We had been there a couple of years prior and really enjoyed it. This weekend was no different. We did a rafting trip down the Delaware River. Definitely was solid weather for campfire cooking and s'mores. I look forward to going camping again next summer.

Another bonus was that I found an email waiting in my inbox when I got home saying that this crane was found! Another group camping found the crane and took a picture! Hopefully that had as great a time as we did.

620. Glamorous

620. Glamorous
Definition: (adj) beautiful, attractive, lovely
Location Placed: Allaire State Park General Store, Howell, New Jersey
Date Placed: 8/29/14 at 12:24pm

I had a day off of work and was passing by the area, so I decided to make an impromptu stop at
Allaire State Park as I missed the General Store and Bakery on my previous visit. The General Store had a lot of neat local books and knick knacks. They also had my favorite, candles. I definitely found a couple scents I would've liked to buy if I didn't already have too many candles. They have a lot of seasonal offerings, so I definitely want to pop back in again during the other seasons.

619. Desirable

619. Desirable
Definition: (adj) wanted or wished for as being an attractive or necessary course of action
Location Placed: Indian Road Cafe, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 8/25/14 at 3:01pm

We went to Indian Road Cafe for a bit of lunch before I headed back home. I had a very delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with apples on it. Definitely a good place to go for a solid bite to eat. We also had the homemade ice cream that they get from a local place, which was absolutely wonderful. I look forward to going back and trying a few more things off the menu. From what I hear, there's very little that this place doesn't make absolutely amazing.

618. Appealing

618. Appealing
Definition: (adj) attractive or interesting
Location Placed: Starbucks, 43rd and 9th, New York City, New York
Date Placed: 8/25/14 at 1:17pm

For my second day in New York City, we did a tour of the island of Manhattan by boat. It was pretty impressive. I haven't seen a lot of the City, so it was really awesome to be able to see it by the water. It makes me want to go up and visit more, do more exploring. Hopefully I can see more of the eastern and southern parts of the island.  I love being able to go up for a day or a weekend to see all the different things. I'm definitely a suburban girl at heart who enjoys the big city on occasion.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

617. Rugged

617. Rugged
Definition: (adj) having or requiring toughness and determination
Location Placed: New York Botanical Garden Library, Bronx, New York
Date Placed: 8/24/14 at 4:19pm

The library had an awesome orchid garden in the middle of the entry way and an awesome exhibit on the woman who made this garden what it is today. It has a very grand entry with a Tulip Tree allee that leads up to the Fountain of Life. Definitely quite picturesque in the grounds of the garden. I can imagine a horse drawn carriage gliding up the allee to the library. I definitely enjoyed my visit to the botanical garden and got lots of really neat flower and foliage shots.