Friday, September 9, 2016

791. Delicious

791. Delicious
Definition: (adj) highly pleasant to taste; delightful
Location Placed: Monroe Post Office, Monroe, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/5/16 at 3:59pm



I popped over to the post office after a nice lunch in a local park with some coworkers. Lunch itself was delicious, although nothing special. We enjoyed lunch at the Village Park in Cranbury, which overlooked both a lovely park and tranquil lake. The weather was perfect, with a nice breeze, unlike much of the sweltering heat we had been having. Times like those make me realize how many lovely people I know, and just how thankful I am to call them my friends.

790. Master

790. Master
Definition: (adj) having or showing great skill or proficiency
Location Placed: Debora Heart and Lung Center, Browns Mills, New Jersey
Date Placed: 8/12/16 at 7:12pm



I had never been to this hospital before, or even the area, but it was extremely easy to navigate. It's a very small hospital that treats only heart and lung issues. It definitely seemed like the treatment staff were extremely effective and thorough, which I certainly appreciated when visiting my loved one. Hopefully I do not have to go back any time soon, but if I have to, the treatment hands would certainly be more than capable.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

789. Highly

789. Highly
Definition: (adv) favorable
Location Placed: Princeton Junction Train Station, Princeton Junction, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 4:14pm

As someone who is interested in history, I've been really interested in my own family history in the last few years. Genealogy is a really neat field that I am interested in exploring in greater detail in the not too distant future. It's simultaneously addicting and frustrating. Anyone who has poked around in their family past, further back than living relatives can provide, certainly can understand where I am coming from. However, it's really neat to find birth records from an eastern European country that match up to things you've heard a relative say. Highly rewarding to say the least!

788. Lucid

788. Lucid
Definition: (adj) expressed clearly, easy to understand
Location Placed: Starbucks, Marketfair, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 3:50pm

I've been getting the itch to travel, more than just a weekend or long-weekend trip, but don't currently have anything on the docket until next June. I'd love to take another road trip as the one last September/October to the Southwest of the U.S. was really neat! However I think I'll have to just settle on the smaller day trips or a weekend trip here or there as I have no more work trips that allow me to fly around the country in the near future. I know I'll be up on Long Island, part of New York in the fall one weekend, so I'll have to make that count for the near future!

787. Exceed

787. Exceed
Definition: (v) to be better than, to surpass
Location Placed: Marketfair, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 3:41pm

Marketfair in Princeton is a small, upscale mall that I had been looking to visit while in the area since they had a couple stores that I enjoy browsing online, but aren't close to where I live. It was nice to be able to see some of the items in person since it's always a bit more difficult to tell how they look online if you're not able to pick them up. I ended up going around to most of the stores, but just to browse. I'll definitely stop back in next time I am in the area!

786. Eligible

786. Eligible
Definition: (adj) having the right to obtain or do something
Location Placed: AMC Theaters, Marketfair, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 3:33pm

So in an effort to meet my goal of being a tourist in my own area, I am putting together day trips for myself in order to experience some more of the sites that my home state of New Jersey (along with New York and Pennsylvania) have to offer. With my America the Beautiful national parks pass, I am eligible to visit any of the national historic sites along with any national parks to no additional cost. Unfortunately the east coast is not as plentiful with national parks as the west coast, but there are a good number of national historic sites on the list. I'm excited to check out a few more of those within the next few months before my pass expires at the end of September! 

785. Congenial

785. Congenial
Definition: (adj) pleasant or agreeable because suited to one's taste or inclination
Location Placed: Barnes & Noble, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 3:23pm

I do enjoy having a little nose around the bookstore to see if there is anything I should add to my pages long "To Read" list. I decided to place a crane on a book I recently read and really enjoyed, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I definitely would recommend it if you were a Gone Girl fan. It has a lot of interesting plot twists that you didn't really expect when starting out! Definitely kept me on my toes.

784. Abundance

784. Abundance
Definition: (n) a very large quantity of something
Location Placed: Princeton Train Station, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 3:01pm

As I was on my way from Updike Farmstead, I decided to drive through a corner of Princeton to travel through a portion I hadn't been to before. I really enjoy seeing areas that are new to me, but can't really justify driving around aimlessly. So traveling down different routes to and from new points of interest is a good way to do that! I usually come across some little neat thing I hadn't previously know about, or just find some place that would be good to send a crane into the world.

783. Prime

783. Prime
Definition: (adj) of the best quality, excellent
Location Placed: Updike Farmstead, Princeton, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 2:38pm

As I am quite the fan of history, I set out to the Updike Farmstead to learn a little bit more about the area and see a pretty neat historical property. It had a really interesting rotating exhibit on Albert Einstein and his work. Additionally, there were a couple rooms dedicated to photographs of the area from the distant past as well as a bit of history of the farm itself. They also apparently open up the property for weddings, which I thought was a pretty special way of incorporating history into wedding nuptials! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

782. Brimming

782. Brimming
Definition: (v) full to the point of overflowing
Location Placed: Starbucks, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Date Placed: 7/22/16 at 2:10pm

I am brimming with excitement as I have been doing a lot more crane folding after work in the evenings. The summer has given me a bit of a burst of energy! I may even finish folding all of my cranes for the rest of my mission before the summer is over at this rate! It is a lot of fun to be surrounded by all bits of paper that I have folded myself and think of the adventures they will go on in the future!