Saturday, August 13, 2011

287. Pure

287. Pure
(adj) wholesome and untainted by immorality
Location Placed: Hilton Desoto Hotel, Savannah, Georgia
Date Placed: 8/3/11 at 5:30pm

I had a lovely view of Savannah from the back of the hotel, facing out onto Madison Square. One of the cool things about Savannah is the number of squares, or small parks, that dot the city. There are over 20 squares making the city look pretty green when viewed from up high. I think the squares were my favorite part of the city. On my first night visiting, I got a meal to-go and spent the night eating in Chippewa Square (or where the opening scene from the movie Forest Gump was shot). I think I drove or walked through the majority of the squares, which was a real treat.

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