Tuesday, August 9, 2011

262. Philanthropic

262. Philanthropic
(adj) seeking to promote the welfare of others
Location Placed: Drayton Hall, Charleston, South Carolina
Date Placed: 7/31/11 at 4:35pm
Status: FOUND!

My visit to Drayton Hall was absolutely awesome. I like a historic house fitted with period furnishings as much as the next gal. But this property took it one step further. They kept the house in its original condition and didn't stick furniture in there. We got to see where people stood against the walls and where picture frames once hung. Certainly didn't hurt that the huge house is extremely picturesque or that my tour guide was super informative. And how awesome to have Carin as a finder and took pictures of the crane herself!

August 1, 2011 at 11:02am

I'm not sure if you received the email I tried to send via your blog, but we found this in our museum shop yesterday. My name is Carin, and I'm an employee at Drayton Hall in Charleston, SC. We hope you enjoyed you visit to our site! I will be happy to re-release this crane and try to help out your mission!

All the best,

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