Monday, August 15, 2011

299. Aglow

299. Aglow
(adj) softly bright or radiant
Location Placed: South Carolina Tourist Center, Charleston, South Carolina
Date Placed: 8/5/11 at 10:58am

I'll be the first to admit my sense of direction leaves something to be desired. Thankfully I brought a GPS with me or I would've been completely lost. Even with the GPS, sometimes I had no idea where I am. Stopping at this Visitor Center was one of those times. My GPS had me going a direction I thought was correct, but I hadn't seen anything I had on the way down. So I got a little worried. Turns out I was indeed going the right direction and had just taken a different route from Charleston to Savannah than I did on the way back. Oops! For once technology didn't fail me.

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