Sunday, August 14, 2011

291. Fresh

291. Fresh
(adj) full of energy and vigor
Location Placed: Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, Savannah, Georgia
Date Placed: 8/4/11 at 12:55pm

Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House is a very popular restaurant in Savannah where you sit at a large table seating 10 and eat together boarding house style (where there is bowls of stuff passed around). Since the line was quite long, I spent most of my hour long wait talking to the nice ladies ahead of me in line. They were about ready to adopt me by the time we got up to the front of the line but as a single person, I was bumped up to a different table. They were also visiting Hilton Head and just spending the day in Savannah. I wish I had been able to sit with them, but instead I sat with a group from Ohio and one from the same area I went to for my undergraduate university degree. Small world.

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