Saturday, March 2, 2013

488. Bonus

488. Bonus
Definition: (n) a payment or gift added to what is usual or expected
Location Placed: Silverball Museum II, Asbury Park, New Jersey
Date Placed: 3/1/13 at 9:29pm
Status: FOUND!

Wow! I haven't been getting out much lately. I've definitely been a winter hermit. But the night out was definitely a bonus! The Silverball Museum, with working pinball machines, is somewhere I had been wanting to visit for a while. I've always had a fond spot in my heart for pinball, so it was really cool to play some of the older machines that I had never even seen before. The oldest machine that I played was 1950. For a pinball machine to be as well kept and in working order as that at 60+ years old is pretty impressive. Next time we have out of town guests, I know where we'll be stopping!

EDIT:// This crane was found on 3/4/13 by Tony who says he is going to make sure it is replaced up in Rhode Island!

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  1. Cool! I like to play Pinball games. You are about to reach 500 cranes! That's amazing! Keep up the good work :)