Saturday, March 23, 2013

492. Integrity

492. Integrity
Definition: (n) having strong morals and/or principles
Location Placed: Brooker Creek Preserve, Tarpon Springs, Florida
Date Placed: 3/21/13 at 11:27am

We decided to take a ride to Tarpon Springs as it's been a while since I've been up there. I had never been to the preserve, so I picked that as a nice spot to take a walk prior to doing some more touristy things. They had a lovely environmental center with lots of interesting information and some pretty snazzy wooden rockers. The trails are well labeled and not too difficult. We spent a good hour or so there, but you could spend a lot more time. Although we didn't see much floral, the fauna was definitely quite impressive. It certainly helps that we were able to get a good shot of a 'Gator (from far away, of course!)

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