Saturday, March 23, 2013

495. Right

495. Right
Definition: (adj) morally good, justified, or acceptable
Location Placed: Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, Pinellas Park, Florida
Date Placed: 3/22/13 at 12:34pm

After trying to figure what I've not done in the area after all these years of visits, we decided to check out the Tampa Bay Auto Museum. It is the collection of one guy, started when he was in his 20s in Germany. He sounds to be quite old and has several dozen cars. I was definitely impressed. I'm not a car lover, but there were a number of really neat looking old cars. I love imagining how their owners felt driving them when they were brand new. Pretty impressive and a nice little cap to a warm and relaxing vacation!

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  1. Well Done Sandy -for keeping going for so long with your lovely project