Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crane Friends!

Hope everyone has been having a good week! I've gotten a couple people who have made and placed their own cranes. You can check out the cranes placed by friends on my project over here! I've made a separate blog to post all of those wonderful cranes. You find the link on both the "How to Help" page and "What to Do if You've Found One" page. I'll be putting a weekly post up with all the cranes that have been placed in the prior week.

Do you want to help out and make some cranes of your own?If you head over to this page, it will help you in placing a crane of your very own!

Enjoy your weekend! I'm going to be spending mine packing as I set off for the Tampa Bay area (in Florida) early next week. So expect to see some cranes make their way into the southern part of the U.S.!


  1. Oh yes Please i would love to be involved :)

  2. This contest made me think of you: