Wednesday, November 24, 2010

129. Incredible

129. Incredible
(adj) beyond belief
Location Placed: Tampa International Airport, Tampa, Florida
Date Placed: 11/23/10 11:10pm

Not to make all of you people in cold weather areas jealous, but the weather down here is just incredible! Today it was a little over 80F/27C and absolutely sunny. And it looks like it will continue on for the duration of my stay. Then I'll go back to weather where 50F/10C is a good day.

I made a rookie mistake with the photo of this crane placement. That lovely pink blur at the top is my finger. I figured I would place a crane while waiting for my bag to hit the carousel. But just as I was taking this picture, I saw it and ran before it went back into the baggage abyss (to show up again in a couple minutes.) Since I was trying to hop onto an earlier shuttle out of the airport, time was of the essence. So, finger it was!

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