Monday, November 29, 2010

140. Risible

140. Risible
(adj) amusing, comic, laughable
Location Placed: Reddington Shores Beach, Reddington Shores, Florida
Date Placed: 11/27/10 11:15am

In making my list of 1000 positive words (which, yes, I actually have completed), I figured it would be easy to come across so many positive words. I'd know most/all of them and would likely exceed 1000. However, as many ventures prove to be, coming up with 1000 different positive words was a lot harder than I thought. So I consulted a thesaurus, opening up quite a number of other words I absolutely had never heard of before. Risible was one of them. So be on the look out for some words you may never have heard of before. (And if you have, well, kudos to you and being so well-read.)

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  1. I was just wondering (since I haven't been with you from the beginning) how you pick your words...but wow, 1000 positive words and you already have them all? That's great!