Tuesday, May 17, 2016

759. Prized

759. Prized
Definition: (v) value extremely highly
Location Placed: South Pacific Lounge, Grandeur of the Seas, Middle of the Ocean
Date Placed: 4/25/16 at 6:56pm

The South Pacific Lounge was where many of the shows and activities in the evenings took place. We played a number of the game shows, watched a couple of the karaokes, and just hung around there. We had our set table, along with some of the other regular folks. It was funny that you ended up seeing the same people in the same places with how many people are on the ship. But it's really just like a small town. You run in the same circles based on activities you enjoyed. You get to learn people through the activities that they participated in. While we didn't make any lasting friendships, we certainly have some "friends" we can bring up when talking about the vacation and they are a part of our vacation memories.

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