Thursday, May 12, 2016

743. Voluptuous

743. Voluptuous 
Definition: (adj) categorized by luxury or sensual pleasure
Location Placed: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Terminal A, Atlanta, Georgia
Date Placed: 4/16/16 at 9:38pm

It's always nice to be able to clock out after a long week of work. And even nicer to be able to do so when the next step is a flight to head off on vacation! The Atlanta Airport is a very nice airport where, on the way out, I stopped into get a sandwich and listen to a fellow in the piano bar play some familiar tunes. I hadn't been to this airport before and it is quite massive! There are several terminals that are big enough to get lost in! Thankfully I didn't get lost and was in the same one coming as I was departing. It certainly was a whirlwind trip to Georgia, but I look forward to when I get to come back and visit for fun!

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