Sunday, May 15, 2016

754. Miraculous

754. Miraculous
Definition: (adj) occurring through divine or supernatural intervention
Location Placed: Shaw Park, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Date Placed: 4/23/16 at 10:50am

Shaw Park was a wonderful park that overlooked the water as well as had a number of wonderful plant species. Having previously been a hotel, it had a lot of overgrown park like settings where the guide would tell us all of the information regarding the history of these items. The coolest feature, to me, was the natural water pool that was fed from a stream. It was fed through a series of locks that could be unlocked in the event of a storm so that muddy waters didn't fill up the pool. Afterward, we were able to climb Dunn's River Falls, which was a really neat experience. Although I didn't as much appreciate the guides trying to sell us things, they definitely had some useful information regarding the falls and how they use a wire brush to scrub the rocks for the path so they don't get slippery. And if you do wind up on one of those rocks, you're definitely going down!

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