Sunday, March 8, 2015

638. Constructive

638. Constructive
Definition: (adj) serving a useful purpose
Location Placed: Sid Cahuenga's Antiques and Curios Store, Hollywood Studios, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Date Placed: 3/1/15 at 2:35pm

We had a pretty brief trip to Hollywood Studios as the lines without fast passes for the major rides happen to be 1.5 hours or more. So we took a quick tour, Star Tour, did a few other smaller rides and headed out. Although I always remember a building being at the entrance, I don't remember actually looking at Sid's in the times I've been there. I'm not sure how long it's been there, but I know I've never gone in. And I've not gotten much further as we were headed back to the Magic Kingdom, where we had been able to score fast passes for the "mountain" rides.

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