Saturday, March 7, 2015

636. Action

636. Action
Definition: (n) the process of doing something to achieve a goal
Location Placed: Gringotts Bank, Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida
Date Placed: 2/28/15 at 2:54pm

I noticed that in my visit to the area this time, so many of the rides were 3-D based ones. I think we wore 3-D glasses at least a half dozen times if not more during the course of our long weekend there. It seems that is the direction that rides are headed rather than actual movement rides. (Although the their credit, some of those 3-D rides were on coaster tracks. Many of them however just shifted.) I am interested to see what the rides are like in the area the next time I go in several years. It's pretty crazy to see how much technology can change things in just a few years.

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