Saturday, April 28, 2012

393. Polished

393. Polished
Definition: (adj) accomplished and skillful
Location Placed: Fort De Soto Park Museum, Tierra Verde, Florida
Date Placed: 4/26/12 at 12:06pm

When I heard about this park, I thought it seemed an awful lot like Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. I figured it might be interesting to see the similarities between the two military stations on the coast and see how the ruins differed. I guess being in a hurricane zone didn't really help Fort Desoto's chances very much as nearly all of the buildings that were originally there are no longer standing. It was cool to see how they built the battery and how they tested all their artillery. Didn't hurt that it was a gorgeous day outside by the beach either! Catching dolphins, a small shark, and a manatee in real life certainly added to the experience.

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