Thursday, April 26, 2012

391. Serenity

391. Serenity
Definition: (n) state of being calm, peaceful, and untrouble
Location Placed: Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa, Florida
Date Placed: 4/25/12 at 12:08pm

In our haste to see the mummy exhibit, we didn't read the sign for the Museum of Science and Industry that mentioned said exhibit opened on Friday! We decided to go in anyway since we rode up all that way. Now, I am a proclaimed museum lover. I find history of areas to be interesting. Even though I dislike speaking ill of a place I've been, the MOSI left a lot to be desired. Perhaps the mummy exhibit would've been redeeming in its own right, or perhaps it was our disappointment with not being able to see the exhibit. I certainly won't let one bad museum experience change my desire to go see others!

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