Thursday, April 26, 2012

392. Vivacious

392. Vivacious
Definition: (adj) attractively lively and animated
Location Placed: The Butterfly House, Tampa, Florida
Date Placed: 4/25/12 at 1:43pm

There is something about butterflies that are just magical in a way. They flutter and flit in the air. They become beautiful after spending the first part of their lives being something less beautiful. (Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, of course!) But this place was really cool as you could see the differences between the variety of butterflies in all stages: caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly. Monarchs are my favorite and they even have similar coloring when they are caterpillars! And their pupa almost looks like a Christmas ornament of sorts. Definitely WAY cool.

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  1. i SO SO love your beautiful cranes ... vivacious is one of my fave adjectives ... i wish i had butterflies living in my garden.