Monday, September 12, 2011

312. Propel

312. Propel
(v) to move forward with
Location Placed: Elberon Train Station, Long Branch, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/12/11 at 2:28pm

Propelling a blog is hard business, as most of you well know. It takes a lot of work going into content, trying to stay true to your inner blogger. Cultivating a readership also takes extensive work, attempting to find people that like what you do to come back more than once. Prettying up your blog to make it more appealing/professional/what have you is tough work if you're not a technologically savvy sort. I'm hoping to work a lot on all the above in the next couple months, in addition to actually releasing cranes. Hopefully it all pays off!

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  1. Yes it is! Ugh, to be honest lately I just...haven't been feelin' it. I don't know.