Sunday, September 25, 2011

328. Equal

328. Equal
(n) a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality
Location Placed: A Time to Kiln, Red Bank, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/24/11 at 3:59pm

I haven't done ceramics in ages. I regularly pass by this shop but it's usually closed since I stroll through weekday nights after work. But my midday weekend jaunt allowed me to pop in. There was a children's birthday party going on as well as a few other stragglers. I once had a ceramics birthday party as a child, and am glad to see it's still appealing to children. It got me to wondering what my last "child-like" birthday party I had where we did an activity and such. I honestly can't remember. Does anyone remember the last birthday party they had as a child? What was it?

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  1. Hmm...I don't remember the LAST birthday party I had, but I definitely had at least one bowling party and at least a couple roller skating parties...