Saturday, September 17, 2011

318. Solid

318. Solid
(adj) firm and stable
Location Placed: Sandy Hook Visitor's Center, Sandy Hook, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/17/11 at 2:33pm

For as close as I've lived to Sandy Hook, I rarely spent much time there in the past. I remember going there for a class trip in 5th grade (a really fun class trip aside from thinking that our room in a barrack was ridiculously haunted...) I remember going to the lighthouses with my Grandparents, who loved everything lighthouse related. But I cannot recall any previous times (aside from my visit there a little over a year ago), despite how absolutely cool it is. Having house a fort in the past (think World War era), it is filled with nooks and crannies housing armory bits and battery bobs. Old missile launchers still stand as well as perches and lookout towers. For someone that likes exploring old things, this is quite the gold mine. Not to mention that after Labor Day, parking is free as well as the tours and exhibits. Educational, fun, and free? Sign me up!

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