Saturday, August 7, 2010

13. Warmth

13. Warmth
(n) affectionate, the feeling of being loved
Location Placed: Best Western Ville-Marie, Montreal, Canada
Date Placed: 8/3/10 3:55p.m.

In the end, I didn't end up leaving it where I took the photo. I sat in the waiting room 1.5 hours until I had to get to my train. Not a single person came back there. So I went and left it closer to the front. But in the interest of trying to be inconspicuous (so that people don't take the crane just because they've seen me photograph it), I just left it there. This may happen again in the future. But rest assured, I left the crane within a hundred feet of this photo. Promise.

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  1. This is so wonderful! I think you are full of WARMTH! I do something similar with business cards and a nice message - you my dear have taken it a step further with the cranes - I love it! www.TheKindnessRevolution.ME - may I add a link to your blog on my website? And what address do I use to send you something that I make?