Monday, May 11, 2015

651. Learning

651. Learning
Definition: (n) the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught.
Location Placed: Starbucks, Rivercenter Mall, San Antonio, Texas
Date Placed: 4/30/15 at 7:14pm

I was very excited to get to use my new paper from the Japan Pavilion in Epcot that I bought back in March. It's such fun paper to work with and very pretty! I did a lot of folding on my flight over from New Jersey as I sort of ran out of time to do so prior to my trip. It's hard to believe I've folded over 650 cranes since I started this project! I'm excited to use up the rest of this nice paper before I start using some of my old paper again. And, in true paper addict fashion, I have a ton of paper that I've bought but not yet cut up. I definitely have WAY more sheet than I need to finish off this project. That just means I have to think of something else to do when this is over!

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