Tuesday, May 12, 2015

657. Endearing

657. Endearing
Definition: (adj) inspiring love or affection
Location Placed: HB Bier Garten, San Antonio, Texas
Date Placed: 5/2/15 at 8:50pm

Although it certainly doesn't resemble the HB in Munich, Germany, it certainly was an interesting place with live music along an alley off the Riverwalk. As a tourist I thought the Riverwalk to be quite endearing. I know the local folk must tire easily of it and curse the tourists for flooding the area. As we tend to avoid the beach during the summer, I imagine the locals probably avoid the Riverwalk. But it is just so adorable with it's live music and open air seating for restaurants. The sounds of water lapping at the banks and the chatter of all sorts of people rising up from it's below street level location. I would be supremely happy if all big cities had Riverwalk's of their own. But I know that would pull from the charm of the Riverwalk in San Antonio. So perhaps we'll let San Antonio have this one.

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