Wednesday, September 17, 2014

622. Charitable

622. Charitable
Definition: (adj) of or relating to the assistance of those in need
Location Placed: Rook Coffee, Little Silver, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/12/14 at 11:40am

After a morning visit to the doctors, I decided to see what Rook was all about. Their logo, a black raven-esque bird with a white circle around it and a larger black circle behind it, is pretty prevalent in the area on shirts and bumper stickers. I'm all about creative advertising that leads a person in. The Rook in the Little Silver Train Station is quite lovely. I wish it had been there when I used that train station regularly when living up that way. I had the Berry Tea, which was quite good. I definitely foresee myself going back to one again. Perhaps I'll check out one of the several other locations as they are definitely a good spot for crane releases!

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