Saturday, September 6, 2014

615. Gifted

615. Gifted
Definition: (adj) having exceptional talent or natural ability
Location Placed: New York Botanical Garden Gift Shop, Bronx, New York
Date Placed: 8/24/14 at 2:45pm

I took a trip up to visit a friend in NYC so that we could do some adventuring as we both hadn't been, but wanted to go, to the New York Botanical Garden. And it did not disappoint! It was absolutely gorgeous. We spent about 6 hours there walking and seeing all the different exhibits. Our ticket included the guided tram, which I would definitely recommend. It's all within walking distance if you're able to walk long distances. It was quite hot, so we opted to take the tram. Aside from recommending the rose garden, the conservatory, and library were also worth getting a peek at. I definitely would recommend it to anyone with a love of nature.

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