Monday, May 12, 2014

607. Enlightened

607. Enlightened
Definition: (adj) having or showing a modern, rational, or well-informed outlook
Location Placed: Photography Center, Cruise Ship, The Middle of the Ocean
Date Placed: 5/2/14 at 6:35pm

Now that I am back from vacation, I'm slowly working on getting caught up and getting back into routine. I have not yet looked through my pictures, sent an email out to close friends and family, or even written out my postcards. I think my next task will be to send those postcards out and then work on sorting out my photos. I look forward to seeing what moments during the trip I managed to capture. And what moments I captured that I didn't even realize were happening at the time. That's one of the joys of digital photography. Take tons of photos, weed out the ones you don't like. Capture things you didn't realize were captured. Relive the moments over and over again.

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