Monday, May 12, 2014

605. Normal

605. Normal
Definition: (adj) usual, typical, or expected
Location Placed: Royal Promenade, Cruise Ship, The Middle of the Ocean
Date Placed: 5/2/14 at 6:29

The Royal Promenade, which was visible from a bunch of floors is where the 70s dance party and the Royal Parade took placed. It was also where all the shops and a few eating areas and bars were. My favorite eatery was the one that was open pretty much all the time serving a few selected Starbucks drinks, and little finger foods throughout the day. I popped over there for morning pastries on the mornings we didn't go for a proper breakfast. I think it also contributed to my being constantly hungry upon getting home... But the Promenade was a funny little area to walk around in and have a poke in the stores.

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