Tuesday, May 6, 2014

580. Coddle

580. Coddle
Definition: (v) to treat with extreme care or kindness
Location Placed: Blue Bubble Dive Shop, Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten
Date Placed: 4/28/14 at 2:02pm

I had a bit of an issue with remembering to take cranes out of one bag to put in another, so excuse the non-numerical placement of cranes while on the cruise.

Our second island stop was Sint Maarten. We had not planned any excursions for the island so we headed to one of the tourist information centers and picked up information on a snorkel tour out of Blue Bubble Dive Shop. It was absolutely wonderful. We had an awesome time snorkeling in one area and then headed out to the Airplane Beach, which is home to the shortest runway that can accommodate the large 747 jets. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) none of them landed while we were there, but we did get to experience one taking off. I think this snorkel outing was the best of the trip due in part to our really knowledgeable guides. If I ever make it back to Sint Maarten for more than 8 hours on a tour, I definitely plan on going back to them for more snorkeling!

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