Saturday, March 8, 2014

566. Rescue

566. Rescue
Definition: (v) to save someone or something from a dangerous or distressing situation
Location Placed: All-Star Movies Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Date Placed: 2/23/14 at 4:10pm

In looking back, this placement bring a smile to my face. I used to love the movie Fantasia when I was a kid. My favorite were the Pegasuses and the ballerina hippos (to the point that one year I was a ballerina hippo). The brooms that are behind the crane actually used to scare me. I was afraid one would come alive in my house and brush me away. But Mickey in this scene required serious rescuing. He was in WAY over his head being a magical apprentice. Thankfully he was rescued because it was looking quite bad for a while. Excuse me while I go re-watch Fantasia.

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