Sunday, March 16, 2014

572. Gallivant

572. Gallivant
Definition: (v) going from one place to another in search of entertainment or pleasure
Location Placed: World of Wings, Teaneck, New Jersey
Date Placed: 3/9/13 at 1:01pm

As one of my gift for Christmas, I was given several day trips to use as someone know how much I like seeing and doing new things. So they came up with the World of Wings, which is a museum a bit north from where we lived, where they have exhibits on different types of bugs, lots of live reptiles, and a butterfly atrium. The butterfly atrium was obviously the drawing point for us. I love butterflies, and love to take pictures of them. They float around gently and land wherever they want. World of Wings had a wide variety of butterflies fluttering about, which made it a great place for pictures. And since it is indoors, you can go and enjoy this place during the colder months!

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