Saturday, March 8, 2014

565. Nestled

565. Nestled
Definition: (v) settle or lie comfortably against or within something
Location Placed: All-Star Music Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Date Placed: 2/23/14 at 2:56pm

The word nestled always reminds me of Christmas. I cannot associate it with anything other than being snug in bed with visions of sugarplums. It's kind of funny how some words are so strongly attached with meanings or concepts that it's hard to think of them in any other way. Sure you could be nestled in a cave. Or an animal could be nestled in a tree for winter. But I cannot picture anyone thinking or dreaming of anything other than those good ol' sugarplums. (Has anyone even had a sugarplum? I doubt I could pick it out in a candy store without explicit signage!)

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