Saturday, March 17, 2012

381. Dazzling

381. Dazzling
(adj) extremely impressive, skillful, or beautiful
Location Placed: Cake, Bake, and Roll, Long Branch, New Jersey
Date Placed: 3/16/12 at 8:21pm

I stopped in on a whim as it appeared to be open and I thought of getting a few tasty-bits to bring over to a friend I was visiting. I couldn't figure out where the yummies were but it appeared they were hosting a coffee house night as there was a woman on a guitar wailing away. Had I not been on my way to see someone, I might've stayed and explored a bit longer. That said, I'll definitely be back there again to see what they have to offer during the daylight hours. Pier Village has so many wonderful little shops and I definitely need to do a bit more exploring!

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