Wednesday, June 15, 2011

206. Bouncy

206. Bouncy
(adj) resilient, springy
Location Placed: Raglan Road restaurant, Downtown Disney, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Date Placed: 6/6/11 at 7:40pm
Status: FOUND!!

Bouncy certainly describes the entertainment we saw while we were at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney. There were 3 very spectacular Irish dancers that performed for us as well as a band playing music from Ireland. And it certainly didn't hurt that the cheesy beer soup was great as well!

FOUND: June 8 - 6:23p
"I found #206-Bouncy, at my job! I work at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney, and your crane made my night-thanks!"
I got this email while playing mini-golf at another one of the crane release locations! I was super excited to hear that another crane found its way to a deserving person.

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  1. Awww yay! So great that YOU made a cast member's night...normally it's the other way around ;)