Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crane Placement

If you had a crane to place, where would you place it?

I've been trying to think of places I could actively release cranes instead of just releasing them where I go. I've got a small list of places but I wanted to hear where you would place them (by you or in general.) Does a certain place hold significance for you in your area? Is there somewhere you'd want to place one but no longer can?

I know there is one place, for me, that I'd love to place a crane but it's no longer there. It was a childhood summer fixture, and I have a number of pleasant memories there. But sometime in the last couple of years it closed down due to owner deaths/dwindling membership. Even if I can't place a crane there

I'd love to hear your thoughts on placement! Hope you all have a great day.


  1. Interesting question. The first thing that came to my mind was somewhere that people go looking for hope or to feel hope - the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site in Atlanta for instance. Or near a homeless shelter or battered women/children shelter.

    I have not been reading this blog long so I don't know all the places you've placed them.

  2. good places to put a crane are in a church,restaurants, hospitals and a school.

  3. I would place them where people would find them or would feel better for finding them. Outside a courthouse, near a school, or even a funeral home(be careful with that one)

  4. There's a quaint little park in my town that I use to go to when I was younger. In the middle, under the trees, there is this one bench that I use to lie on, looking up through the branches, just thinking about life and such. If given the opportunity, I'd place a crane there, or somewhere similar. It would be unexpected for the person who finds it. Just a thought. Love the project!!!

  5. What a wonderful project!
    Thank you so much for emailing me I love it!
    I would think that places where people need a little joy would be nice.
    Hospitals/nursing homes, etc. :)

  6. @Juju - I've already hit up 2 libraries with more to come in the future. I am a big fan of any place that houses books.

    @Jerry - I don't know why I didn't think of a hospital! Obviously people there would appreciate them.

    @Benevolent - Good call about outside a courthouse. I'll have to locate some and see if I can place them during the week.

    @Lynn - That park sounds really nice. I'm glad you have such fond memories of it. I love having spots like that. I like the idea. :) Thanks!!

    @Vanessa - Thanks and you for checking it out! There are definitely a lot of places that people need joy, so I'll have to concentrate on making a list of them for myself. Thanks!

  7. were you talking about Takanasse? because that was my home growing up and then the owner died and the beach club was sold off to developers. it still makes me sad.

  8. In the forest. Hanging down from a tree or something. Love your blog :) Greetings from norway :)

  9. At the library! In different book sections but definitely one in the computer section that says a word having to do with reading ;o)

  10. @Ashleigh - No, it wasn't Takanasse. It was called Brookside. But I certainly felt similarly about it. I heard my childhood club has not yet been torn down but in a thorough state of disrepair. I'm tempted to drive by it but I'm a bit worried it will weigh on my fond memories.

    @Connecticut - Oh, I am a big fan of placing at libraries! Have already placed at a couple and am plotting some more likely when the weather is to cold for outdoor placements. Good call on the word having to do with reading! :)

  11. In a bottle thrown into the Halifax Harbour.
    Or a strangers mailbox.

  12. If i were you i'd place it in someone's mailbox, there's no way they'd miss it and it'd brighten their day