Friday, September 17, 2010

56. Ecstatic

56. Ecstatic
(adj) a feeling of great delight
Location Placed: The Provident Bank NJ, Ocean Township, New Jersey
Date Placed: 9/17/10 5:45pm

A coincidentally placed crane. I went into the bank feeling, well, ecstatic since I was cashing in my first certificate of deposit (CD). It wasn't so much the $20 that I had gained off of it in the nearly 2 years the money was sitting in there that made me ecstatic. It was the fact that this was my first "adult" investment; this CD was my first non-checking/saving account as a way to diversify my portfolio (baby steps.) I was proud of myself for having researched and signed up for one back when I got it, for taking a step in the right direction. So today I cashed in my CD. And that, my friends, makes me ecstatic.

Is there anything that makes you happy, even though it's not necessarily something another perhaps would be as excited about?


  1. Yay for feeling ecstatic and for taking a step in the right direction!! :)) I love how fun the paper you used is too!

  2. I love this project... I just discovered this site and I've already read the whole thing! I think its great what you are doing and that the world needs more people like you! :)